The Mala Beads hunt

Last week when I attended Amber’s vinyasa flow II  class we did a little chanting. Not going to lie the whole thing was weird in the beginning a) because I am still a newbie and does not know what it would do for me b) I thought there was a religious aspect, and made me does not want to participate c) I really just wanted to get to the physical part already. But after she explained the purpose of it to the class and the actual chanting closed, it turned out to be fantastic!

Our chant mantra: SA TA NA MA which translates to birth, life, death, rebirth. After chanting 108 times, I felt so relaxed. I get the same feeling after a day spa or retail therapy. I also discovered that after that meditation I was able to do the harder pose. Amber also mentioned that this method also helps protect one’s mind. That over time it should help the practitioner to break habits, focus, clarity, memory, concentration and control of emotions. It all sounds very good to me. So now I am in search of really cool mala beads necklace to go with this practice.

Here are my choices:

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More info about the chant:

  • SA TA NA MA is so primal that its impact on our psyche is like splitting an atom. The power of his mantra comes from the fact that it rearranges the subconscious mind at the most elementary level. It has the power to break habits and addictions because it accesses the level of the mind where habits are created. –
  • Why chant a mantra 108x?  find the answer here



Yoga pants fashion

Saks Fifth Avenue

Yesterday I did a full count of the many yoga pants I’ve purchased since I immersed myself in the wonderful practice of Yoga. Sure I still couldn’t pronounce nor remember properly the Sanskrit terms for the poses but really it’s the execution that really matter right? Anyway, I counted 12 and I think, I may have some more in the depths of my closet but whatever! I want more!!!. They are so comfortably awesome. I wear them at work without looking like I am ready to do a dancer’s pose anytime. With the right accessories and a little bit of attitude people might not even notice it. I also use it on Saturday and Sunday mornings errand with the children before attending an afternoon class.

Sample Yoga pants #OOTD: @work today- dated: 12/11/14


Leggings and knee high boots are my absolute staple pieces during the winter season. It is the one thing I can wear 5 days a week, so really the excessive purchase of yoga pants is not an excess at all since a. I use and need it for yoga b. it is an excellent alternative to the boring cotton material leggings c. I you don’t know yet, I have a penchant for psychedelic-ish and print design on pants c. duh! multi-use anywhere – studio, work, lounging, lazy days.


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A long due blog entry…

My last blog entry was back in August. What a slacker right? Sorry for the sudden hiatus but work has been crazy and decided to cut back on some stuff and focus on other ones. I cut back on shopping but replaced it with fitness. I’ve unenrolled myself from school to focus on work. I’ve been back on Poshmark, etc and the most important one of all… I, my friends have discovered the healing, relaxing, stress reducing, weight loss , strength and over all awesomeness of YOGA. (crappy picture below taken at Purple Yoga)


Sure I’ve tried it in the pass at sucky studios (I.E LA Fitness) and did not enjoyed that experience but I experience a funk called “depression” and holy crap that most certainly was not fun. There was this deep sadness and some self loathing for allowing myself to be in that predicament, I was inconsolable the husband felt helpless and I refuse to talk about what I was feeling or what my thoughts were and all these were apparent from the lovely display of acne break out, binge eating and gain weight on top of the gained weight from baby #2. Then one day I decided the wallowing in self pity and longing for another life and all other patheticness (yeah I know its not a word) must stop and that’s when yoga came in. I’ve also since added kickboxing in the mix and NO it is not the aerobics type one, an actual kick-ass, bruise inducing, punching bag and sparring type. I even found a work out buddy in my 12 year old son. My mood had improved and is now also obsessed with workout clothes. haha

So expect a few postings about YOGA and KICBOXING every now and then as well.

So there it is that’s what I’ve been up to this past few months. How about you guys? Feel free to e-mail me about whatever