Yoga pants fashion

Saks Fifth Avenue

Yesterday I did a full count of the many yoga pants I’ve purchased since I immersed myself in the wonderful practice of Yoga. Sure I still couldn’t pronounce nor remember properly the Sanskrit terms for the poses but really it’s the execution that really matter right? Anyway, I counted 12 and I think, I may have some more in the depths of my closet but whatever! I want more!!!. They are so comfortably awesome. I wear them at work without looking like I am ready to do a dancer’s pose anytime. With the right accessories and a little bit of attitude people might not even notice it. I also use it on Saturday and Sunday mornings errand with the children before attending an afternoon class.

Sample Yoga pants #OOTD: @work today- dated: 12/11/14


Leggings and knee high boots are my absolute staple pieces during the winter season. It is the one thing I can wear 5 days a week, so really the excessive purchase of yoga pants is not an excess at all since a. I use and need it for yoga b. it is an excellent alternative to the boring cotton material leggings c. I you don’t know yet, I have a penchant for psychedelic-ish and print design on pants c. duh! multi-use anywhere – studio, work, lounging, lazy days.


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Jewelry Review: Gorjana, Ashiana London, Urban Gem


For my first ever Rocksbox, I received 3 wonderful pieces from great designers.

Gorjana’s Elea Cuff

Urban Gem’s Victoria Necklace

Ashiana London’s Two Stone Drop Earrings in Aqua & Grey



Gorjana’s Elea Cuff is definitely my favorite out of all the 3 pieces. It incorporates very well with my favorite Vanessa Mooney Unearthly Cuff and other gold pieces. The simple linear X design and wire concept is something so simple yet so timeless. If one decides to buy it, I think it will be money well spent, while it is not pure gold, the quality of plating will go a long way. Their plating looks like one of those that will probably last years with proper care.


Urban Gem’s Victoria Necklace reminds me greatly of J-Crew’s statement pieces. It is well crafted and absolutely pretty. It was made with metal with bronze tone. It had that glitzy and vintage look that is a perfect match to any plain tees.


Ashiana London’s Two tone earrings is pretty but not really my style. I am not a fan of the earring hook wire. It drags the skin on my earlobes. But design wise the aqua and grey stone combination is really nice. They complimented my skin tone. The stones are not heavy so it doesn’t pull down on the earlobes that much. quality is good and the cut and size of the stone are perfect for dangling earrings.

NORDSTROM - Shop Holiday Party Shoes

VIP Bangle Giveaway – We have a winner

I’ve chosen the winner for this Giveaway.

Kaylynn Carter from and Diane Therkildsen both from IN

E-mail has been sent please reply with your complete address.

thanks for playing, more giveaways to come.




I’ve been working with this great designer and he does my custom jewelry orders, he is fantastic,  ordered several bangles for friends and family and have several left. I thought this is a great giveaway item.

As a grand opening for this blog, a giveaway seems prudent.

The item below is great for stacking and everyday wear. It is made of stainless steel plated with 18kgp and sterling silver.

2 lucky winners will be chosen to get the color of their choice.


VIP bangle in 18kgp stainless steel material. Hypo-allergenic and tarnish free.


Here’s how to win:
+ 2 new/old followers
+ 2 Tweet this contest
+ 3 if you share this on instagram. (tag me @thejeweljunkie, #thejeweljunkie #VIPbanglecontest)
+ 3 if you reblog this postContest starts today thru 05/15/14 {3pm PST}

You must provide a working email when you leave a comment so that I can notify you should you win.
Contest is open to Blogger and Non-Blogger and must be US and Canada residents only.
Winner will be notified via email and has 48 hours (two days) to respond with a mailing address. If the winning contestant does not respond after 48 hours a new winner will be drawn.

Clutch problem

I was never the clutch type until social media swayed me to that direction. I have a problem with all things pretty, edgy or unique. Duh! who doesn’t

The prices are pretty diverse, well-known or not, I am more interested in the structure, material and craftsmanship.

These are my “I WISH I CAN AFFORD” list


Black Futuristic Extraordinary by XTHISMO


Kinhg of Spades by Urania Gazelli

King of Spades by Urania Gazelli



Alexis Crossbody, Peach by Aimee Kestenberg



Pandora Postcard Clutch by Charlotte Olympia

Below are the totally affordable and cute, indie and handmade with love.


Gray’s Anatomy Book Clutch by Viva Las Vixen


Swallows & Leaf Leather Clutch by ToviCorrie


Custom Jewels

I love having my jewelries custom tailored for me. I met this guy who charge me minimal fee as long as he is ok to sell it to other people (should they ask). By other people I mean friends and family. Ben is really on a crisis mode, he thinks he is too amateur to market himself as a “jewelry maker” I am deeply honored that he thinks highly of my opinion that he is awesome but I still can’t quite push him to network and start getting actual orders from people / businesses.

Check out the jewels he made for me. The pulse set was hard to find or way too expensive for my budget so I had him make that for me and then there’s the VIP bangle inspired by Jennifer Fisher’s line. The VIP Patsy was a score from Poshmark, yet another talented individually who uses utensils and up cycles them into arm swags and such.

The Evil Eye Collection

Lately, I find myself buying jewelries that has an evil eye in its design. So Far I have 4 favorites, the other ones I bought for cheap and not worth keeping anymore. I personally stop buying cheap base metal jewelries as well. A sterling silver, gold, high polish that won’t tarnish or turn my skin to green is the way to go and it gives my money’s worth.


I buy most of my jewelry from TJ Maxx, I found some really cool and unique pieces in there, some are even designer brands for the fraction of its cost.


This ring above was found at a store in Catalina Island, they have so many cute pieces that I want to buy them all, but I promised myself that I will only get one and this was it.

I found these three for my wish list:


Evil Eye Diamond necklace


Michal Golan Evil Eye Necklace


Lotus411 bracelet


My Vera Meat Collection

One of my favorite pieces are from a company called VeraMeat, if you are an active Instagram user, you might have seen them being sported by the elite bloggers and fans like myself. Their designs are a statement piece yet dainty in its way. Some jewelry are like that. No need to be loud or BIG to be noticeable. According to the company’s website, “the  repertoire is playful and ferocious” (

I am still a newbie collector of their items, and they are my favorite items, they flair out the simplest outfit. I don’t look so plain in t-shirt and shorts whenever I have one of them. So far here are my collection.

Wishbone Necklace . Dino Claw Hugs Ring . Hi I’m Tiny French . Lucky Shoe . Skull Ring . WTF Ring . Baby Bulldog

I have my eye on the helm ring, Peace Hand necklace, Paint the town red necklace and the spine bracelet. All in goods time.

How I wear my VeraMeat