The bag that got away

*head desk* I cannot believe what an idiot I’ve been. Loeffler Randall’s Rider bag was on a ridiculous sale at Saks Off Fifth for about a week now and I found this perfect natural color that I wanted ever since I laid eyes on the style, I have no idea what the hell I was waiting for. I finally have the funds for it, all I have to do it add it to chart. The price of the bag is originally $525.00, Saks was selling it for $220!!! Now they are all sold. Last weekend I signed up on the LR’s website for a “surprise” in my inbox everyday. Today I got an e-mail saying some of their Riders are $200 off but it is not the color that I wanted. Powder Blue is not bad but it is not my first choice either. I’ve become this impulsive shopper to a undecisive one, I am not sure which is worse.

Help! Should I wait for another sale of the natural color or just settle with the blue? Will the natural be ever available at the price I wanted again? Or should I just give up and put the $$$ towards a more investment type priced bag?

1 vs. 3


Shopping Haul 2

Peter Thomas Roth Labs, LLC


I’ve been absent of the blogosphere this past few days, with the July 4th holiday, I was just really looking forward on relaxing and just being lazy. I am not a huge fan of alcoholic drinks anymore, but that weekend I got some what inebriated for 2 days straight, we celebrated John’s birthday at their house and ended up sleeping there since I had 4 beers (enough to get a DUI, so its a NO NO) and I am the DD then the next day we went to our friend Alphy and Rommel’s house in Cerritos to celebrate the 4th, and as soon as I walked in I counted 12 Hennessey bottles with 1 already empty. I had some shots but not to the point where in you swear not to drink alcohol for the rest of your life. You guys know what I am talking about?! Anyway it is always fun celebrating the 4th there since fireworks are legal in LA county (well with restrictions of course), it feels like the New Year’s Eve in the Philippines, Gabe (my 2 year old) got to light up sparklers for the first time, it was priceless. How was your July 4th celebration?

Earlier that day Gabe and I decided we wanted to go to the mall. Me? to check out good deals of course and him to ride the carousel at South Coast Plaza and get some $1 toys from Target. All in all it was a good weekend. *smiles*

IMG_2015  IMG_2021  IMG_2016  


The Samantha Watch, Henri Bendel // Henri Bendel Classic bangle, Poshmark find // items I used to sell and currently selling on my Poshmark closet // Braided bracelet  – Nordstom Rack // Marc Jacobs Rose gold necklace – Bloomingdales//  Current favorites – pave crystals in Sterling silver – TJMaxx  //  Double band ring w/ crystals and spike in Rose Gold – Custom // Turkish design rose gold ring w/ pave crystals – TJMaxx // Ellie mini crossbody-  Pour La Victoire a Bib and Tuck find

Baguette cut, a 2014 Fall jewelry trend

Alexis Bittar

Just in the news, the baguette cut is making a comeback this Fall according to Women’s Wear Daily. Vintage lovers and classic art rejoice! The Baguette cut is an elongated or rectangular table cut, the term came from the French word bague which means finger ring. It was also  very popular trend during the Art Nouveau period (1880 – 1910) and the Art Deco period (1925 – 1941) think about The Great Gatsby, roaring 20’s, the Chrysler building, etc.

2014 Fall Jewelry Trennd

Weekend Jewel Finds

The first part of this jewel find happened last Friday while looking for a wedding attire for the next day I got side tracked and decided to window shop jewelries as well. it did not go so well I ended up buying a few pieces. So I am hoping for more sales from my Poshmark closet for it. he! Every once in a while I would give in to Alloy / Copper material base jewelry because of the unique and cute factor, this is one of them. Urban Outfitters had some really cute rings for the minimalist. It took me quite  while to decide on my final pieces. I went home and applied a coat of clear nail polish to prevent the skin on my fingers into turning green.


The second part was just window shopping, this one was a slight success, except I got suckered into buying a braided Rainbow sandals but other than that it went fine. I window shopped  here —-> Free Shipping Free Returns Everyday. Shop NORDSTROM to find pieces for my to buy list (and yes  some I hoping for it to be on sale soon) and here are my picks


And the last part was Sunday, the family and I went to Nordstrom Rack to get the 2 year old a new kicks for the summer, man their feet grows so fast, 2 months ago we got him some Sperry’s and it barely fits now. Anyway as I was standing in line to pay I spotted this tray with cuffs and there’s this one that truly stands out, I tried to resist but I couldn’t. It was so pretty!


Are you a designer, do you represent a company or a shop owner? I’d love to see your collection. For features and interview please e-mail me at



I am a shoe addict. I actually mellowed down a lot, I don’t even remember the last time I purchased shoes, I still have a bunch of unworn ones and that’s how I realize that it has gone too far and I could have bought other things with it or movie hop with Gavyn (my 12 year old), visit that trampoline place with the 2 year old, or buy a hubby something. And yeah the husband’s stern voice that told me “seriously, you gotta stop buying sandals, it’s ridiculous” got to me. But I won’t lie, I terribly miss the process of gathering all the shoe style I wanted, trying them on and posing in front of the mirror to see if it looks good on me. On several occasions I’ve enlisted help of fellow shoppers in the decision making on which one is the most worthy in a bunch. Below are #shoefie that I made through out the years. If you have made a #shoefie yourself, please leave me a comment I would love to check out your gallery.

shoe3 shoe4 shoe5 shoe6 shoe7 shoe8 shoe10 shoe11 shoe12 shoe13  shoes9  ww w ch  shoe2  1 30-RT18158-RGS7
Missguided  US

The new satchel

There is something about buying an item at it’s full price that makes me feel guilty and partially cheated. Working with manufacturers opened my eyes on how high mark ups can get. I especially feel this way when I buy top notch designer duds, there is something very very wrong and stupid when I want to buy an item valued more than our monthly rent on the house so no matter how much that though depresses me I always walk away. I also get the justification of mark ups (for the most part) overhead is a bitch, raw material increase every time they order for restock, some brands are handmade not mass produced, we are paying to flaunt the brand, etc. but as a consumer especially on a budget and if it is available in a different brand with same material and comparable quality, I would love it if I can get them at a discounted price. I’ve been wanting the Kate Spade Wellesley / Prada like frame, something sturdy and structured since I carry a lot of papers for school and work, I need it to fit a folder. I am so sick of carry totes, I put something in there and my items are all over the place, I have to fish for something before I find it. I got a bag from Just Fab (photo below) 3 months ago, it is cute and the size is perfect but I want a leather bag, so I’ve been searching since.


So last Friday the fam and I visited our cousin in San Diego who celebrated his 27th birthday. The next day while they were all hang over, I got bored and decided its time to buy a new purse. My 12 year old and I went to Nordstrom Rack Mission Valley. Hunting for that style bag. I was really hoping that they would have some of those Kate Spades but I was out of lock, instead I saw these two


I would have picked the Furla because I am more familiar with the brand, it is made in Romania and the size is perfect but it was not as structured as I want it to be and the color is just blah, it is too tan for me, I’d go with a lighter tan. The Pour La Victoire though has more pizzazz to it, sure it is not really the frame type that I am actually looking for but the weave flap design pulled me in. I was a little hesitant at first because of the size, it will not exactly fit a folder unless I fold it in half and it is made in China, don’t get me wrong the quality and craftsmanship is superb but I am really trying to buy more made in USA or European ones (personal choice, no need to politicize it over) but over all the gorgeous design and that oh so cute logo won all the cons. Yeah most I bought it because it is more of a work of art than what I needed, go figure. LOL.

Here are more pictures of the bag


And this is my today with the bag