I am a shoe addict. I actually mellowed down a lot, I don’t even remember the last time I purchased shoes, I still have a bunch of unworn ones and that’s how I realize that it has gone too far and I could have bought other things with it or movie hop with Gavyn (my 12 year old), visit that trampoline place with the 2 year old, or buy a hubby something. And yeah the husband’s stern voice that told me “seriously, you gotta stop buying sandals, it’s ridiculous” got to me. But I won’t lie, I terribly miss the process of gathering all the shoe style I wanted, trying them on and posing in front of the mirror to see if it looks good on me. On several occasions I’ve enlisted help of fellow shoppers in the decision making on which one is the most worthy in a bunch. Below are #shoefie that I made through out the years. If you have made a #shoefie yourself, please leave me a comment I would love to check out your gallery.

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