It’s the gift giving season

First major holiday is over, I know everyone is extremely busy and scrambling to buy gifts for friends and families. Here are some of my recommendations.

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<Slate – Don’t Leave Me hanging earrings $52> {Michael Kors ring – $50} <Jenny Bird – Flagstaff earrings $45> { Gorjana – Bali Three charm necklace $118} <Turkish crystal ring – $55> {Peace Love Flair – Bar cuff $20} <Gorjana – Mesa Ring $45>{House of Harlow – Reflector Bar ring $58}  <Vanessa Mooney – The Starlight cuff $120> {Gorjana- Tavi Pendant necklace $125} ,Urban gems – Emerald studs $40>


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Four Jewelry Items in Your “Must Have” list

Every woman understands the essence of jewelry. There is life in gems: their colors speak and say the words that fail of. If you wear classic pieces repeatedly, they become boring. Hence, variety helps in spicing things up. It is easy for you to integrate jewelry trends for spring 2014 into your look and it will be fun for you to experiment with them. The following four huge retro inspired items are a must- have.

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1. Cocktail rings

Big, bold rings are very affordable and they look great. Hence, they are in. These rings remain in fashion. Animal motifs, multicolored flowers, and semi-precious stones such as peridot, coral, or aquamarine are bling rings and hence, they all look great. The demand for clover and butterfly motifs is very high. If you want to spend more, you should opt for these gorgeous sapphire and emerald cocktail rings. The silver and gold ones are even more expensive and hence, you should opt for bronze or copper cocktail rings if you want to get a good buy but you are not willing to spend much.

2. Chandelier earrings

The Chandelier earrings that many celebrities wore this year have enabled them to stand out on the red carpet. A few years ago, no one would have worn these earrings. However, nowadays, they are leading in the list for must have jewelry items. The dangling earrings that touch the shoulders are now back in fashion in feathers, solid gold, glass beads and semi-precious stones and popular designer earring. The demand for hoop earrings that are studded with diamond is very high. Other chandelier earrings that are in fashion include plum, cobalt blue or colorful green.

3. Bracelets and stacked cuffs

Many fashion icons are sporting cuffs and bangles this year. You can wear more than one. Handmade cuffs that have various textures have a chic look. You will look more fashionable if you have more bracelets on your arm. Many thin bangles are a great accessory.

4. Layered necklaces

These are the artistic, elaborate and yet cozy detail that you should add this spring. The perfect layered necklace is trendier and more chic. The multi-layered necklaces have a versatile look. They are the hottest item and hence, you can wear bold chunky ones or delicate strands. You can find chunky layered beads in various colors this season. You must have hot and metallic layered necklaces. You should pair them with your classic black dress. Delicate multiple chains go with everything and they are very feminine. Layered long necklaces that are available in bold, chunky gemstone strings or golden strands should do the trick for you this spring.

A woman can change her outfit from drab and make it sophisticated with the help of perfect jewelry. However, she can give her most elegant outfit a shabby and awful look if she wears too much of the wrong type of jewelry. Hence, in order to avoid this, she should have the above four items just like the fashionistas who are flaunting them any season.