Jewelry Review: Gorjana, Ashiana London, Urban Gem


For my first ever Rocksbox, I received 3 wonderful pieces from great designers.

Gorjana’s Elea Cuff

Urban Gem’s Victoria Necklace

Ashiana London’s Two Stone Drop Earrings in Aqua & Grey



Gorjana’s Elea Cuff is definitely my favorite out of all the 3 pieces. It incorporates very well with my favorite Vanessa Mooney Unearthly Cuff and other gold pieces. The simple linear X design and wire concept is something so simple yet so timeless. If one decides to buy it, I think it will be money well spent, while it is not pure gold, the quality of plating will go a long way. Their plating looks like one of those that will probably last years with proper care.


Urban Gem’s Victoria Necklace reminds me greatly of J-Crew’s statement pieces. It is well crafted and absolutely pretty. It was made with metal with bronze tone. It had that glitzy and vintage look that is a perfect match to any plain tees.


Ashiana London’s Two tone earrings is pretty but not really my style. I am not a fan of the earring hook wire. It drags the skin on my earlobes. But design wise the aqua and grey stone combination is really nice. They complimented my skin tone. The stones are not heavy so it doesn’t pull down on the earlobes that much. quality is good and the cut and size of the stone are perfect for dangling earrings.

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Review: Marc Jacobs Lovemarc lip gel #108


Hello readers! sorry I have been MIA of the blogosphere, I got busy with Poshmark. Since I decided to become active on that app again I’ve been on it 24/7, not kidding! when I make a sale or find something I WANT it gets encouraging although some might argue that I should use the word addicting. So definitely depends on who you ask. (LOL) My next post will be about that, but for now I wanted to share my experience in using the Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel.

I love Marc Jacobs’ beauty line my first ever was the gel mascara, a freebie I got for my Sephora’s rewards point. And it was the best mascara I’ve ever used from then on I’ve discarded the ones that I have previous to that. In my search for the next lip stick I decided to check out their latest lippy colors and the best color for me is the Lovemarc Lip Gel #108 – Have We Met? it possesses the cutest shade of pink and I hate pink so that is saying something. Anyway this lippy have everything that I need. Great shade, creamy upon application, moisturizes my lips, gentle scent and long wear. Plus I love that I don’t need to apply lip gloss since it has a shimmer on it and not the annoying come hitter kind. Only thing it does not have is SPF.

The lip stick case has a magnetic closure that kind of locks it in to place, I say “kind of” because it is not that strong that you’ll struggle to open it but enough to hold them together. I love the simple and elegant design of the case, just black with silver MARC JACOBS embossed / raised letters in silver that effectively made the brand name stand out. It gives that high end look without paying too much. I think for $30.00 it is definitely worth it. I highly recommend it.



Online image via


lip gel color in person unedited, un-photoshopped)

 IMG_2536  IMG_2539


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Sand Cloud apparel – review

I support small business and start ups, they all have the potential to be great and it is always exciting to be there when they are new. One of the companies that reached out to me is called the Sand Cloud Apparel. The company is located and founded in sunny San Diego, CA. The founders Brandon and Steven decided the world needed a better product for laying on the beach. Their backpacks used as pillow is not cutting it anymore and that’s how Sand Cloud Beach towel is born.


The Sand Cloud beach towel has a built in pillow that makes lounging more comfortable and if you take the pillow it can be also use as a sarong. Since its inception it was being marketed as a beach towel but really it can be used everywhere. I especially love using it when the family and I go to the park and recently took it with me to San Diego when we slept over a cousins house and used it to lay on the floor. While this is made from 100% (and handmade) Turkish cotton which makes it extremely absorbent and it will last a long time I love my beach towels fluffy so I will mostly use this as a lounging towel and use my regular beach towel.

For more information about the product please visit the company’s website at Please also visit my giveaway page for this product enter here for a chance to win.

IMG_2152    IMG_2155

The company is also about giving back, for every sale they make they donate 10% of net profits to foundations that supports preservation of Marine Life.

Please also check out their Kickstarter video


Review: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine #94

Vip Summer 2014 at FORZIERI.COM

Since the beginning of this month I’ve been looking for the perfect shade of lipstick. Something light but not really a neutral. Something red with a mauve tone, subtle, work appropriate, something close to my natural lip color that won’t look pale or bland. So many conditions right? Well I plan on spending a ridiculous amount for a lip stick (for the first time) so might it might as well be the perfect one for me. For the longest time my lippy of choice is the Fresh Sugar Rose by itself. I love that it leaves my lips moisturized unlike the many brands I’ve tried but I am ready to move on a get something like it but with more shade. With that said I was looking for a lipstick with a powerful lip treatment in it. I’ve tried  4 lip stick total,  YSL was my first choice and it was great, but I decided the shade I picked is more for a night time wear, my search recommenced. Sephora must hate me already, I’ve since tried Lancôme then Dior to Smashbox and finally landed the Rouge Coco Shine #94 bought at Nordstrom. This specific color is not on Chanel’s summer collection but for Fall 2014. I really don’t care even if it is last season’s shade, all I care about is how the color looks perfect on me. Most lipstick gives me that chapped feeling but not this one, I love how it moisturizes my lips. Application is smooth, it is creamy and lightweight, there’s a subtle scent. For my 8 hour work day I reapplied it 3x, it is not designed as a long wear lipstick but it does what I need. Everything they say on their online description checks out.



Below is how the lip color looks by itself


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Review: Zara Mini – City Bag

Lately I’ve been on the satchel slash cross body style of purses and the Zara Mini City has been on my watch list. It is the perfect size (10″x12″x4″) and shape for an everyday office use. It fits all my basic essentials: full size wallet, make up pouch, travel size lotion, sanitizer, small notebook, clear zipper pouch for small documents and other knick knacks. The outside material and the strap  are made of 100% polyurethane which have the saffiano like feel. The inside lining is cotton. I love the sturdy structure and the navy shade, it is perfect. It is a neutral color for what I have in my wardrobe.  The gold plating on the padlock hardware of the bag is also of high quality, I expect the shine to last a little bit longer with a help of a polishing cloth. Over all the bag is well made and price is just right.



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Review: OPI Liquidsand , AHAVA Mineral Botanic & Anastasia Brow Kit

Every once in a while I would splurge on some body and make up products, I try to avoid doing it since I rarely consume it to the last bit. I remember jumping on the MAC bandwagon, bought hundreds of dollars worth of face implements that my acne prone skin hated. One of the things that I consider an accessory is a manicure / pedicure. It is the best $50.00 relaxation I could ever get every 3 weeks of my life. There is something so soothing after I walk out of a nail salon. Plus seriously it is refreshing to have clean cuticles. I am not sure when I started being high maintenance on my nails but now I cannot imagine it without a nail lacquer. And no I am not like Jennifer Lawrence’s character in American Hustle, I don’t go gaga over them just right. So anyway, I went to Planet Beauty a few weeks ago to some Anastasia Brow kit which is by the way, the best and my current obsession I never do anything with my brown but comb it and have it threaded to keep the stray and maintain its shape but lately with all these commotion about Cara de Levigne’s brows and the incessant talk about Anastasia, I finally gave in and so far it is the best $39.00 I ever bought. It comes with 2 shades of brow pallet for brunette’s and women with dark hair, Gel to keep them from straying, and a highlighter and angled brush plus six different stencils to choose from.  I wish there’s a tweezer and brow brush too.



I also got suckered into buying a limited edition AHAVA Mineral Botanic in Hibiscus & Fig and I am glad I did, the scent is so refreshing and every time I apply it, I get transported somewhere and it feels like I am on a vacation. The lotion itself is so smooth and non-greasy that leaves me with that feeling that after shower feel.


With those purchase I got a goodie bag with awesome freebies. One them is the OPI’s liquid sand collection. In the shade of pink – Pussy Galorethat is supposedly with their Bond Girls collection. I finally went to the nail salon and had them apply it on my nails. I don’t wear too much or own pink stuff. It makes me want to cringe but this color I love, it makes my tan more noticeable and I love the rough matte texture.