A long due blog entry…

My last blog entry was back in August. What a slacker right? Sorry for the sudden hiatus but work has been crazy and decided to cut back on some stuff and focus on other ones. I cut back on shopping but replaced it with fitness. I’ve unenrolled myself from school to focus on work. I’ve been back on Poshmark, etc and the most important one of all… I, my friends have discovered the healing, relaxing, stress reducing, weight loss , strength and over all awesomeness of YOGA. (crappy picture below taken at Purple Yoga)


Sure I’ve tried it in the pass at sucky studios (I.E LA Fitness) and did not enjoyed that experience but I experience a funk called “depression” and holy crap that most certainly was not fun. There was this deep sadness and some self loathing for allowing myself to be in that predicament, I was inconsolable the husband felt helpless and I refuse to talk about what I was feeling or what my thoughts were and all these were apparent from the lovely display of acne break out, binge eating and gain weight on top of the gained weight from baby #2. Then one day I decided the wallowing in self pity and longing for another life and all other patheticness (yeah I know its not a word) must stop and that’s when yoga came in. I’ve also since added kickboxing in the mix and NO it is not the aerobics type one, an actual kick-ass, bruise inducing, punching bag and sparring type. I even found a work out buddy in my 12 year old son. My mood had improved and is now also obsessed with workout clothes. haha

So expect a few postings about YOGA and KICBOXING every now and then as well.

So there it is that’s what I’ve been up to this past few months. How about you guys? Feel free to e-mail me about whatever thejeweljunkie1@gmail.com


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