Review: Marc Jacobs Lovemarc lip gel #108


Hello readers! sorry I have been MIA of the blogosphere, I got busy with Poshmark. Since I decided to become active on that app again I’ve been on it 24/7, not kidding! when I make a sale or find something I WANT it gets encouraging although some might argue that I should use the word addicting. So definitely depends on who you ask. (LOL) My next post will be about that, but for now I wanted to share my experience in using the Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel.

I love Marc Jacobs’ beauty line my first ever was the gel mascara, a freebie I got for my Sephora’s rewards point. And it was the best mascara I’ve ever used from then on I’ve discarded the ones that I have previous to that. In my search for the next lip stick I decided to check out their latest lippy colors and the best color for me is the Lovemarc Lip Gel #108 – Have We Met? it possesses the cutest shade of pink and I hate pink so that is saying something. Anyway this lippy have everything that I need. Great shade, creamy upon application, moisturizes my lips, gentle scent and long wear. Plus I love that I don’t need to apply lip gloss since it has a shimmer on it and not the annoying come hitter kind. Only thing it does not have is SPF.

The lip stick case has a magnetic closure that kind of locks it in to place, I say “kind of” because it is not that strong that you’ll struggle to open it but enough to hold them together. I love the simple and elegant design of the case, just black with silver MARC JACOBS embossed / raised letters in silver that effectively made the brand name stand out. It gives that high end look without paying too much. I think for $30.00 it is definitely worth it. I highly recommend it.



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lip gel color in person unedited, un-photoshopped)

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