New Jewelry obsession – Vanessa Mooney

Saks Fifth Avenue

I had my eye on this designer for a while now but her prices are not a joke and for someone on a budget it is kind of a stretch but totally worth it. It also helped that I found a seller that gives me really great deal on these.

Her designs are so unique, they are the perfect embodiment of the “free spirited”. Shopping for it is so addicting that when I finally started a week ago, I made it a goal to buy a few pieces every week. Well ok as long as I can get a good deal on price for it. To match this new jewelry collection, I also started buying clothing article that are bohemian and gypsy chic inclined. I am happy to report that I believe I can pull it off. ha! Below are pieces I have so far


I love them all but my absolute favorite pieces the Lillian and the SuperNova collection of the Unearthly ring and bangle. I like the unique design and how there is an unobtrusive natural stone that made a lot of difference to the piece.

  IMG_2330  IMG_2331  IMG_2332

The only big blunder I have about it is – the plating are not sealed / coated so when I wear the ring my finger turned green. But like I said I love the designs so much I research and was at one point even considered going to a jeweler to have them dipped in real gold but the cost of it was a real bummer so I researched some more and found out that Krylon Crystal Clear Glossy spray can preserve it the way I wanted. I was so scared that I will ruin the finish and the jewelry itself so I tested it on other pieces. I am happy to report that after 3 tries it was a success and I started spraying it on my Mooney pieces.

Missguided  US


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