Sand Cloud apparel – review

I support small business and start ups, they all have the potential to be great and it is always exciting to be there when they are new. One of the companies that reached out to me is called the Sand Cloud Apparel. The company is located and founded in sunny San Diego, CA. The founders Brandon and Steven decided the world needed a better product for laying on the beach. Their backpacks used as pillow is not cutting it anymore and that’s how Sand Cloud Beach towel is born.


The Sand Cloud beach towel has a built in pillow that makes lounging more comfortable and if you take the pillow it can be also use as a sarong. Since its inception it was being marketed as a beach towel but really it can be used everywhere. I especially love using it when the family and I go to the park and recently took it with me to San Diego when we slept over a cousins house and used it to lay on the floor. While this is made from 100% (and handmade) Turkish cotton which makes it extremely absorbent and it will last a long time I love my beach towels fluffy so I will mostly use this as a lounging towel and use my regular beach towel.

For more information about the product please visit the company’s website at Please also visit my giveaway page for this product enter here for a chance to win.

IMG_2152    IMG_2155

The company is also about giving back, for every sale they make they donate 10% of net profits to foundations that supports preservation of Marine Life.

Please also check out their Kickstarter video



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