Say Good Bye to Juicy Couture stores

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If you haven’t heard already, yesterday, news broke that Juicy Couture will be closing all its US stores the end of this month. The brand was mostly known for its tracksuits, velour bags and the adorable Scottie dog in its insignia. It was also a best seller for young and trendy celebrities during their peak but like all others the success dwindled down. I am not the fan of their clothing but I do love their jewelry, they are  the girliest ones I own. To be honest I am not shocked about this news but it saddens me that it is happening, its an end of an era, like parts of my teenage years. Some where along the way the quality of their product has declined, the designs became more mediocre and while I am not a fan of pink, the light color their original color had was tolerable but 2010 the pink color changed, it looked horrid. Their brand was marketed as high end yet it looks and feels cheap. So I stop buying. A very good friend of mine feels the same way and she was a big fan. She still have a vast collection that she’ll pass along to her adorable daughter.

Photo credit: Jade De la Cruz and her Juicy Couture collection pre-2010


Best Juicy Couture Ad that made me buy their jewelries


But they won’t be completely gone, they will still be around and their website just relaunched on Monday. “Authentic Brands Group, Juicy’s new owner, said in November it had given Kohl’s a nonexclusive right to sell Juicy Couture products in its stores and on beginning in the fall.” ( and today Huffington Post reported there is a plan to establish a Juicy Couture boutique, tentatively named World of Juicy in New York next spring. Below is the photo of the proposed store and its concept would be exclusive like brick and mortar of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc. but with a Henri Bendel feel. That bit of news got me all excited, I really hope it works out, the brand is a piece of American Pop Culture whether some of us like it or not.


(photo credit: Huffington Post)


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