Weekend Jewel Finds

The first part of this jewel find happened last Friday while looking for a wedding attire for the next day I got side tracked and decided to window shop jewelries as well. it did not go so well I ended up buying a few pieces. So I am hoping for more sales from my Poshmark closet for it. he! Every once in a while I would give in to Alloy / Copper material base jewelry because of the unique and cute factor, this is one of them. Urban Outfitters had some really cute rings for the minimalist. It took me quite  while to decide on my final pieces. I went home and applied a coat of clear nail polish to prevent the skin on my fingers into turning green.


The second part was just window shopping, this one was a slight success, except I got suckered into buying a braided Rainbow sandals but other than that it went fine. I window shopped  here —-> Free Shipping Free Returns Everyday. Shop NORDSTROM to find pieces for my to buy list (and yes  some I hoping for it to be on sale soon) and here are my picks


And the last part was Sunday, the family and I went to Nordstrom Rack to get the 2 year old a new kicks for the summer, man their feet grows so fast, 2 months ago we got him some Sperry’s and it barely fits now. Anyway as I was standing in line to pay I spotted this tray with cuffs and there’s this one that truly stands out, I tried to resist but I couldn’t. It was so pretty!


Are you a designer, do you represent a company or a shop owner? I’d love to see your collection. For features and interview please e-mail me at thejeweljunkie1@gmail.com.



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