Bohemian jewels

There’s been an influx of boho jewelry this season. I mean sure they’ve always been around but lately since Ultra and Coachella happened this year, more females have been embracing the free spirit, wild child, flower child, hippie, boho-chic, nonconformist, bohemian theme. But no one can pull it off so much better than Vanessa Hudgens. (see her best boho looks complied by MSN Wonderwall here) She even makes me want to jump the band wagon and get me some mermaid hair. Aside from the clothing and the nonchalant nature of this style I am really into the accessories. It is really hard not to while it possess the basic metal colors the intricate designs of every piece of the accessory associated with it pulls me in. I remember seeing picture of my sisters in all their hippie days glory, (yes my sibs are that old, I am adopted) the bell bottoms, the dresses, the many eyelet and crop tops and all that jewelry. I was hoping my mother, being the ever sentimental that she was kept some of it, but no luck, they were all gone, so no, I have no boho vintage jewels to show off. I did made good use of the clothing though, in high school and a little bit when I was 19, I busted out my brother’s burgundy flared pants and the pallazo pants of one my sisters (wherein everybody think I was wearing a oversized pjs), they were my best vintage closet finds.

Below are my wish list of boho-chic jewelry and accessories



Noir Station Necklace – Free People / Daydream Goddess Headdress – Child of Wild / The Muse Bracelets – Vanessa Mooney / Pilot Mountain Boulder Turquoise Ring – Lily Cobra / Twist Turquoise Ring – Hipanema / Catori bracelet – Kim & Zozi/ Seychelles Don’t You Know T-Strap Sandals – Urban Outfitters /



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