BCBG 25th year anniversary retrospective


On May 14th of this year, I receive an opportunity to visit the BCBG headquarters in Los Angeles, CA I love their designs and was really excited to get a close glimpse of the company. They celebrated their 25th year anniversary in the business and part of this celebration was to open their doors to student and educate them on all the various job opportunities within the fashion industry. It was really cool they turned one of the warehouse into a museum. The first area showed what BCBG means, it was embarrassing because in my group everybody knows who they are but we don’t know what the acronym stands for. So if you were like us it means Bon Chic Bon Genre (Good Style, Good attitude) Here I attempted to take a picture of it (but failed)


On that same area of the tour, there was a timeline on the wall, when Max Azria started, when he met and married his wife Lubov, their first runway show to when their daughter, Joyce Azria who become the creative director of the division BCBGeneration, that caters to the young and hip fashionistas and other important milestones for their company. Then there was an area across from it wherein they recreated their designers work area.

IMG_1485   IMG_1487

And now for the best part. They have 2-3 full sections with the gowns worn by celebrities, the mannequin hold the name of the celebrity who worn the gown, here’s a quick video of that area. In next room was the showcase of their casual and hand sewn / handmade dresses. Herve Leger, Swarovski encrusted , beaded and the most beautiful equestrian inspired batch that I have ever seem, can you tell it was my favorite?


Capture   IMG_1493   IMG_1494

Our last stop was the BCBGeneration area, which had a blogger’s lounge, a selfie booth and freebie area. I really love the outfit hanging on the wall, classic BCBG ensemble.



And here’s mw with my fellow students at the end of our tour. It was really a great experience everyone there was really nice and seems to really enjoyed what they do. I am thinking this might be my new idea of a field trip.





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