The rise of costume and fashion jewelry consumers

My love of jewelry came from the females in my family. The day I was born was the day I started wearing earrings. I counted 3 times in my lifetime when I left the house with no earrings, I only take them off to clan them or to replace them with something else so those 3 times, I felt like I as naked and extremely uncomfortable. Yeah sure some would argue that it is a psychological thing *shrug* I remember having a complete jewelry swag every Sunday for church or semi-formal / formal occasions. Earrings, bracelet, necklace, and ring. My mother’s collection were a old as her (no pun intended my mother was 60 when I was 7) antique, vintage, heirloom – signs that it has been passed from generation to the next. She adds new pieces every year, the ones she doesn’t care much about, she had melted and recreated to something else. It is safe to safe to say that my mother would rather go out in public without her made up face than wear fake jewelry. Oh yeah my mother was something, all my friends were scared of her and all their mother’s either hated her or were intimidated by her. My family felt the same way but loved her anyways. My sisters retained this “no fake jewel junk” policy but I couldn’t say the same for my self. Mother would probably haunt me from her grave if I ever buy over priced designer jewelry like say the Hermes Collier de Chien leather cuff. Oh wait! I did that but the nagging lecture from childhood won and I returned it. Practicality won over frivolous purchase. Trust me I argued with myself like a schizophrenic in front of my bathroom mirror while I calculated the pros and cons, “but it’s an Hermes, it won’t lose it’s value (much)”, “seriously a leather and metal cuff?!”, “you could get a custom jewelry with that price”, “stop buying the name”, and much more scrutinizing.


Anyway, seriously even if I wanted to be draped and collect only pure gold, platinum, diamonds, etc. I simply cannot afford it and let’s face it, there are a million shops out there that does not have an overpriced tag attached to it that possess the same quality just not the same established brand and I am not talking about Forever 21 jewelries, I am talking about quality costume and fashion jewelries worth every girls’ hard earned money. I am not hating on their jewelries, they are well designed but a $4.99 ring? Sure if I only plan on maybe using it 1x max. I’d rather save up maybe $10.01 more and get a silver or higher quality finish at Nordstrom Rack, any other retail store or Etsy which I had my own share of both quality and blah hand-mades. Then there are your local boutiques that get them from indie designers that uses aluminum, titanium or high polish material that won’t turn your fingers green. My favorite got to place is TJ Maxx. Most of my costume and fashion jewelry finds are from there and they are all made of sterling silver plated over real yellow gold or white gold. I have buying retail so as much as possible I don’t unless I know I won’t find it anywhere, or it is something the customer jeweler can’t make.


The rise of fashion bloggers also contribute to this happy sales growth. This is the first time I really notice the sensationalization on jewelries of all kind. I am thrilled that it is happening. It means more choices, more pretty collections to buy and look at. Last April Women’s Wear Daily reported the consumers by number on this trend. Based on the chart below, looks like the rings get higher sales than others. From personal purchase I agree. Stacking and decorated fingers and I meant all 10 of them are highly recommended. At this moment there is no such thing as too much rings in one’s fingers. Even the minimalist supports this trend by using less loud and statement pieces.



Conde Naste. “Costume Consumers: By the Numbers.” WWD. (accessed June 10, 2014).




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