My Vera Meat Collection

One of my favorite pieces are from a company called VeraMeat, if you are an active Instagram user, you might have seen them being sported by the elite bloggers and fans like myself. Their designs are a statement piece yet dainty in its way. Some jewelry are like that. No need to be loud or BIG to be noticeable. According to the company’s website, “the  repertoire is playful and ferocious” (

I am still a newbie collector of their items, and they are my favorite items, they flair out the simplest outfit. I don’t look so plain in t-shirt and shorts whenever I have one of them. So far here are my collection.

Wishbone Necklace . Dino Claw Hugs Ring . Hi I’m Tiny French . Lucky Shoe . Skull Ring . WTF Ring . Baby Bulldog

I have my eye on the helm ring, Peace Hand necklace, Paint the town red necklace and the spine bracelet. All in goods time.

How I wear my VeraMeat



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