Hello Fellow Jewelry Addicts!


Hi! my name is Patricia and I blog about jewelry and other accessories. My favorite pieces, on my wish list, whatever as long as it has something to do with jewelry and fashion accessories. These two material subjects makes the crappiest of days seems easy breezy.

I decided to open up a jewelry / accessory blog, aside from the obvious… I really haven’t found any blog dedicated to just that. Sure there are blogs from jewelry and accessory company but that is not what I’ve been looking for. I wanted to connect to fellow jewelry junkies, accessory afficionados, discover new shops, meet designer and possible (hopefully, wishfully) get the privilege to see an actual unique piece being made. I have an active book and product review blog but wanted to venture to something else outside that, so voila! The Jewelry Junkie is born.

I seriously have a no asshole or bitch rule, I only want love and peace, to connect people who share my passion for pretty, nice, well crafted jewels and sure other fashionably lovely things. Share my love of jewelry and accessories and if you have a recommendation please let me know.

Connect with me on:

E-MAIL: thejeweljunkie1@gmail.com

INSTAGRAM: thejeweljunkie

Twitter: PeaceLoveFlair



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